From Fr. Yozefu's bishop

From Russia with the Mother of God’s love!!

Only a few days before Christmas 2018, our translator of the HOF book in Russian, M/s Natasha Proskurina, contacted Fr.Yozefu to tell him the good news: The Metropolitan Archbishop of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of the Mother of God, Moscow, His Grace Paul Pezzi, had granted the Imprimatur to the translation of the Healing of Families book in Russian. The imprimatur was more specifically given to the two main prayers in the book, The Paraliturgy and The Quick One prayer.

Fr. Yozefu asked about why that specification, why not to the whole book as such? The answer was that the two prayers are the part of the book that will more consistently and constantly be used by the faithful, and the whole book is in order to prepare the faithful for those two prayers; so if the prayers are OK so must be their preparation.

What a gift and blessing from the Mother of God, precisely at a time when we were celebrating Her as the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Bishop William Wack CSC, Bishop of Pensacola-Tallahassee Diocese, the diocese of Fr. Yozefu, congratulated him and prayed that this step would be help the ministry to reach even more people in the world.