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$50 / Month
What You'll Get with Your HOF Membership
Full access to the Healing Of Families Seminar (Spanish & English)
Online access to the book "Healing Of Families" (Spanish, English, French, Croatian and Latvian)
Deeper explanation of some themes touched in the 3-day Healing of Families Seminar
Answers to questions from people who have begun the Healing of Families journey for their families
Access to all HOF audio seminar
Get notified of every event
Access 24/7 from anywhere
Digital Book Membership
$2 for 30 Days
What You'll Get with Your Digital Book Membership
Online access to the book "Healing Of Families: How to pray effectively for those stubborn personal and familial problems"
English, Spanish, French, Croatian and Latvian versions.
Access 24/7 from anywhere
HOF First Video Session
$1 for 1 Day
You will get access to the first video session of The Healing Of Families seminar for 24 hours.


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  1. hola. no tengo la contraseña para ver los videos. adquiri la membresía pero al poner mi clave me dice que hay un error.